Rejuvinatee Your Skin

Collagen Facials Leave Your Skin Looking Plumper and Revitalized.

A collagen facial is a treatment designed to restore the depleted collage in your face and rejuvenate your skin.


Collagen is produced by the skin and gives it elasticity and firmness, which is lessened as we age (hence wrinkles, crows feet, lines around the lips, you get the idea).


Ultimately, a collagen facial will slow down the aging process by replenishing your body's natural proteins through external applications.


At the beginning of your facial, your skin will be cleaned thoroughly with a cleanser. Afterward, your skin will be exfoliated, using various scrubs to clean and unclog your skin and remove the dead skin cells from their surface of your skin. 


Le Caprice's Collagen Facials

Moisture Skin

One of the main benefits of collagen is more hydrated skin. Having hydrated skin is a major combatant against dry and aging skin. 

By using a collagen facial, you will slow the degradation of your skin's existing collagen. In addition, you will minimize the damage caused by free radicals, which also helps protect your skin's existing collagen. 

Promote Smoother Skin

By boosting your skin's collagen content and slowing the rate of collagen depletion, collagen facials reduce fine lines and wrinkles, promote smoother skin texture and help restore or maintain your skin's elasticity

Feel Refreshed & Renewed

Our tightening, toning Anti-Aging Facial treatment infuses skin with a veil of collagen, cellular complexes, amino acids, vitamins and natural oils to help increase moisture level and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reduces Dark Circles and Puffiness

This treatment is scientifically developed to deliver age-defying results, by boosting natural collagen production, and has become a premier facial in the luxury skin care market.


By using only the most elite, potent ingredients like extra fine risking powered, vitamin E, marine collagen and soothing botanicals, our collagen treatment not only results in younger, firmer and more elastic skin, but also prevent further signs of aging.

Improve Your Skin's Elasticity and Resilience

with Le Caprice's Collagen Treatment

Collagen Treatment Frequently asked questions

How does a Collagen Treatment Work?

A collagen facial helps keeps the skin of the face taut and supple, improving its elasticity and resilience and damage. This effectively decreases the wrinkles on the face, as well as eliminates subtler signs of aging. Collagen is also excellent at water retention and can help moisturize the skin. Combined with a cleansing and exfoliating regimen, regular collagen facial treatments have been found to retard skin's aging process, effectively making individuals look younger and more vibrant.

When can I expect to see results from my Collagen Treatment?

When the skin's collagen supply is replenished, it is believed to combine with the existing connective tissue to improve the skin's elasticity and stretches out areas in which collagen has broken down. This helps to smooth out wrinkles and other fine lines on the skin, particularly on the forehead and lower eyelids. Since the skin becomes fuller, it promotes the natural contour of the face and reduces sagging. Results may vary with each person.

Is Collagen Treatment right for me?

This is one of the best Anti-ageing treatments in recent years. We are all aware of what we do wrong, drinking alcohol, staying out in the sun too long. These things have a lasting effect on our skin making it de-hydrate. Collagen Induction Therapy is like plumping your skin up from the lower layers and basically giving your skin a drink.. Your skin will glow! looking fresher and younger.

How often should I get a Collagen Treatment?

Skin care specialists recommend that people havea professional facial about every three to four weeks. That's how long it takes your skin to move through the full life cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation. The longevity of a collagen treatment varies, lasting anywhere from six weeks tosix months or more. Over time, the body will naturally absorb the collagen, and additional treatments will be necessary to maintain the aesthetic enhancement.

Collagen Treatment Disclaimer

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Reclaim Your Skin and Fight Back with the Power of Collage.