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ICE 21 Cryo Toning™: The Science Behind the Machine That Melts Away Stubborn Fat

Did you know that the amount of fat cells an adult has stays consistent with how many they had as adolescents? That means that by the time we are teenagers, we have already produced the exact amount of fat cells in our bodies for the rest of our lives. This explains why so many adults find it difficult to make the slightest bit of fat go away.

Everyone has heard about the drastic procedures people endure just to eliminate their excess weight.

Some of the procedures cause inflammation and other forms of damage to the surrounding tissue. Other procedures, such as traditional liposuction, risks clients feeling pain, bruising, swelling, and other uncomfortable side effects.

But what if you did not have to endure any of that?

Not extensive procedures with few results, no damaged tissue, or harsh side effects?

What if I told you that there was an easier, healthier, and more effective treatment that is not only beneficial to weight loss, but also to other areas of your health as well?

Here’s What No One Tells You About The Human Body

Critical Cold – The area where metabolic aspect is present

Critical Hot – There is a steady increase of sweating and blood flow and the thermoregulation system is weakened

Neutral – The area where vasomotor control is present

The state of an organism changes during physical effort. Blood volume on the outer side of the body can increase up to 10 times during local metabolic activity.

This helps obtain and dissipate heat produced by the muscle. The hypothalamus, an area of the brain that controls thermoregulation, has to intensify this work.

Everything You Need to Know About Cryo Toning

Enter ICE 21 Cryo Toning™: The new and improved treatment method for ridding yourself of even the more stubborn fatty tissue. ICE 21 Cryo Toning™ is a new technology that developed from the idea that traditional methods are out of date, and it is time for a better, faster way to obtain the results we desire.

This is one of the few technologies on the market that uses Cryolipolisis to remove stubborn fat safely and efficiently without damaging the surrounding tissue. Cryolipolisis is a nonsurgical and noninvasive procedure that leaves no scars and no lingering pain.

Benefits include:​

  • Increases new collagen and elastin fibers which aids in anti-aging benefits​

  • Promotes an increase in hyaluronic acid production which helps to attract water to the skin to keep it hydrated and moisturized​

  • Reduces cellulite and drains fluid retention

  • ​Acts as a metabolic activator which will help the client lose weight and keep up their energy levels.

This fat-freezing technology is an innovative system with the ability to use a hot and cold application to produce a double action on the human body.

ICE 21 Cryo Toning™ not only rids your body of fatty tissue, but also promotes firming, anti-aging, and an improvement in the skin.

Here's What Industry Insiders Say About How It Works

The technique used is repeated hot and cold applications. This procedure uses vasodilation and vasoconstriction resulting in improvement within the tissues. Vasoconstriction increases blood pressure by tightening the blood vessels, and vasodilation decreases blood pressure by opening the veins back up again.

The treatment allows the conditions of the dermis and hypodermis, as well as other areas such as the muscles and capillaries, to improve. Metabolic wastes are eliminated and stress accumulated over time melts away.

In a nutshell:

  • The cold effect, combined with muscle stimulation, provides an immediate thermal shock effect. Cryolipolisis lowers the temperature of the treatment area to the point that fat cells are frozen to irreparable damage. Because fat cells respond differently to cold than other tissues, the surrounding areas are undamaged.

  • The consistent change between hot and cold promotes specific oxygenation and induces an emptying of fat cells. The elimination of lipids in the treated area gives a local remodeling effect.

  • Metabolic wastes and accumulated stress are released

  • The reproductive synthesis of new collagen and elastin is increased

  • Dermal density is increased which strengthens skin and gives it more elasticity

  • Fat cells die naturally, and the body safely disposes of them through the lymphatic system

The best part is that unlike traditional methods, ICE 21 Cryo Toning™ is painless.

Clients will feel intense cold at the beginning, however, this feeling will go away soon after. By the end of the session, hyperemia may occur, which will make the treatment area appear anywhere from light pink to dark red. Hyperemia is normal with both heat and cold applications and is nothing to be worried about.

Treated areas will appear more toned and smoother within one session and are long-lasting. As collagen increases, the skin will appear younger and more vibrant, and the release of metabolic waste and stress will leave skin looking much healthier.

After that, most of the fat cells will naturally work their way through the lymphatic system and out of the body within a couple of months, or during the next 5 to 10 treatments.

The number of sessions changes according to the severity of the problem and the needs of the customer.

Who is Cryo Toning for?

ICE 21 Cryo Toning™ was designed for both men and women, so anyone looking to lose weight and tone the following areas are considered the best candidates for these treatments:

  • Stomach and Abdomen

  • Love Handles and Flanks

  • Under the Neck (i.e., Double Chin)

  • Back/Bra Area

  • Thighs

  • Male Chest

  • Arms

  • Under Buttocks

Statistics show that of 100 customers completing 5 sessions a piece over the course of 10 weeks, 38% of them were slimmer in their desired areas.

These treatments are also great for people who are looking to smooth out their bodies, look younger and more vibrant, and feel healthier.

With ICE 21 Cryo Toning™, large areas of the body can be treated, and the cold action works on muscles with different stimulation waves. This firms muscles, promotes increases in collagen production, increases hyaluronic acid production, and gives anti-aging properties to the skin.

ICE 21 Cryo Toning™ also allows men and women to reshape their stomach, body, and other stubborn areas to look better than before, safely, efficiently, and without the harsh side effects of traditional treatments.

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