A mask is geared to defy the aging process and help the skin to achieve a radiant and lifted look quickly.


Contains microneedles which are safe injection substitutes, with powerful ingredients such as gold hyaluronic acid, EGF (epidermal growth factors), witch hazel, aloe vera, and more.


Epidermal growth factors have many benefits for the skin such as correcting wrinkles, strengthening the skin barrier, maintaining moisture, preventing pigmentation, and enhancing collagen and elasticity to the skin.


The microneedles deliver effective ingredients when they dissolve to the skin providing the skin a lifted, firmed, and youthful appearance.


Pharmaciopy is an eco-oriented skincare brand that focuses on the moment when a plant releases its critical energy of blossoming.

Pharamciopy has constructed a mechanism that is capable of collecting the plant's vital energy to deliver it directly to the skin.

Blossoming is the process in which a plant produces flowers during which an enormous amount of vital, nutritious energy in a condensed form within the bud to initiate new cell growth and develop into a flower.

With extensive experience and research into eco-friendly and natural ingredients together with blooming technology, Pharmaciopy has focused on understanding the most basic energy of flower buds, and developed a unique technique for extracting energy during blossoming.

Pharmaciopy offers advanced eco-friendly skin care preparations backed by some of the most potent ingredients on the planet.

EFG Micro Needle Wine Gold Mask

  • On to clean, dry skin, apply 2-3 times a week.

    Massage in soft circular movements.

    Leave on for 3-5 minutes and wash away with warm water.

  • 5 Stars - It delivers instant results
    "I never thought I could get a product that will deliver results within a short time. This one has touched my heart, and I will continue using it. I first used this mask while going for my graduation ceremony and I loved the results. My skin is now glowing and the fine lines are disappearing."


    - Posted by Ruby


    5 Stars - I recommend it
    "My sister introduced me to this product after she realized I was struggling with the wrinkles and fine lines on my face. After applying it for the first day, I was impressed by the instant skin improvement. I never thought I could get a solution to my aging skin, but now I have this product. I apply it twice per week and am growing younger every day."


    - Posted by Jordyn


    5 Stars - It's working
    "I've been using EFG Micro Needle Wine Gold Mask for several weeks now. I've noticed that my skin feels tighter and firmer. My skin has become softer too. I will continue using this mask."


    - Posted by Patricia O. Simpson


    5 Stars - Easy to apply

    I don’t like following complicated procedures even if I need to have a smooth and young looking skin. This products covered all my desires from improving my skin and looks to giving me an easy way of attaining my skin goals. I only apply it once per week and am loving the results."

    - Posted by Bella