Your Skin Will Glow!

Ready for the Red Carpet?

The Red Carpet Facial is Ideal for Those Who Wish to Have the WOW Factor Minus the Downtime Associated with Big Result Treatments.

Enjoy our most popular facial, the red carpet treatment is an artisanal craft designed to give skin a glamorous and awe-inspiring glow. The treatment illuminates skin by using a scientifically honed exfoliating system. The result is elite skin reserved only for the elite.

Whether you need to be camera-ready or just want to look great without invasive procedures and harsh chemicals, Le Caprice Red Carpet Facial is the best choice to deliver A-list results year round.

It uses the most advanced anti-aging technology available to produce fast results without any downtime. This restorative and relaxing treatment is like a good night's sleep for your mind and body.

Le Caprice's Red Carpet Treatment

Target the Right Areas

Beyond wrinkle-reducing, the treatment targets all areas that need care most, helping to lift, firm and contour the jawline, cheek bones and delicate eye area.

The treatment delivers sensational “camera ready” results. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and evens pigmentation. The skin will have an ultimate glow on the day of the treatment and last up to 3 months.

LED Red Light Therapy

This treatment offers comprehensive skin rejuvenation. 


By encouraging collagen formation through suppressing its breakdown and energizing the skin, this treatment improves elasticity and defies gravity.


Synergy between the mild current and LED Light results in dramatic and cumulative effects, much like an effective personal training fitness routine, but for your face. 

Get the Celebrity Treatment

This exclusive combination is "light years" ahead of any other non-invasive, anti-aging approach. It is no wonder that nominees and presenters entrust their faces before important ceremonies to this gentle, yet effective, treatment. Looking great makes you feel great.


We believe it should not be reserved for award shows.

Deeply Hydrating Anti Aging Ingredients

We use the finest, nutrient-rich ingredients in the world that make your skin healthy and supple. Packed with fantastic oil blends; together acting very much like collagen to help your skin retain moisture and regain elasticity.

This is the ultimate skin overhaul treatment. It is a favorite amongst celebrities in need of a youth and beauty boost before a special event.

A Radiant Complexion is One Beauty 

Look You Can Always Count On Seeing​